Sample itineraries

some of our past itineraries

2019 Winter Tour

A tour planned for two childhood friends, visiting a couple of the smaller island getaways in Japan.

Chef's two-week food tour

Chef from Australia who came to Japan, FOR FOOD!

Toki group tour

This is one of our two-week group tour itineraries, that hit a few major spots, but also a lot of lesser known locations.

Yamabushi group tour

This is another one of our group tour itineraries, specifically designed for nature lovers and people who want to see a side of Japan that most have never seen before. There are so many gems in this tour!

Private spiritual getaway

This tour was made for someone who wanted to do the Toki tour, but wanted different Japanese spiritual elements added in. Our guest was very much into reiki healing, and the Yamabushi experience that we have in the Dewa Sanzan mountains with the ascetics on one of our other tours. We put together something special for her 20-day trip to Japan!

Weekend tour planning for Italian novelist

For an Italian novelist who was visiting Japan in the summer, we planned his tour around a couple of festivals. Our guest was only available during the weekends, and so we planned trips do different regions of Japan every week for him, and sent one of our guides to travel with him.

Two weeks in Shikoku and Kurobe (coming soon!)

A new tour we are planning to highlight the Shikoku Island, and a few lesser known/explored regions of Japan. Details coming soon!

This page will both give you a very brief idea of what our itineraries are like, and will also give you ideas for your own itinerary. Feel free to browse all of them, but please be aware that some of them will have activities and places that are more suited fort the season in which the tour took place. Click on the titles to see a more detailed day-to-day description of the private tour.