Weekend 1See Japan's traditional side (Nikko)

Day 1: Rich in history and temples, Nikko is a perfect way to explore the cultural side of Japan. The guest traveled from Tokyo to Nikko via train in a private compartment, and spent the day exploring the Imperial Villa as well as various shrines and temples in the area. He enjoyed a traditional meal and overnight stay in a ryoka which also offered guests an opportunity to soak in a private onsen.

Day 2: The following day the guest was driven to Koriyama during which he enjoyed beautiful views of Japan’s summer landscape. After a visit to one of Japan’s only organic sake breweries and enjoying a traditional performance, the guest returned to Tokyo.

Weekend 2Journey west (Hiroshima)

Day 1: Our trip started in the evening with a bullet train to Hiroshima where our guest enjoyed one of the city’s signature dishes, okonomiyaki, before heading to the accommodations for the night.

Day 2: The following day was spent learning about the atrocities that were committed in Hiroshima during World War 2 in the form of a private tour at the Peace Memorial Park. The guest then caught a short ferry to the nearby island of Miyajima where a ropeway to the top of the mountain revealed stunning views of the Setouchi Inland sea. Dinner was had on a boat overlooking the huge tori (gates) which stand in the sea, before turning in at the private accommodations for the night.

Day 3: The morning was spent in Daishoin temple learning about the buddhist culture, after which the guest returned to Tokyo where he enjoyed dinner and a Noh theater show.

Weekend 3Enjoy one of Japan's biggest festivals! (Kyoto)

Day 1: Again we began by taking a bullet train straight to Kyoto, where the guest got the opportunity to experience Gion Matsuri – one of Kyoto’s most popular festivals. Performers, music and street food made this night one to never forget!

Day 2: A open-air steam train to Kameoka early in the morning revealed spectacular views of the hills and valleys surrounding the Hozugawa river. A traditional boat cruise back down the river took our guest to the Arashiyama district which houses the famous bamboo forest and multiple religious sites. After having an early dinner in Kobe, our guest was treated to a private Maiko (Geisha in training) show.

Day 3: On this day our guest got to experience elements of both Shintoism and Buddhism, with a visit to Fushimi Inari shrine and a private meditation lesson with a monk at a nearby temple. Before heading to Nara around sunset to explore Todaiji temple, the guest had the opportunity to take part in a traditional tea ceremony.

A completely catered, staggered tour of Japan’s biggest cultural sights and one magnificent festival. 

This private experience was designed for an Italian businessman who was going to be in the country for a few weeks, and wanted to fill his weekends with private tours of various places in Japan. We provided an interpreter for his business meetings, as well as a guide for the weekends.