A private session of Reiki

Seeing as Japan was the birthplace of Reiki, our guest was very interested in experiencing this healing technique herself. A private session with a Reiki specialist was organised just for her.

Homestay with a Japanese shaman

In one of the communities Kichi Japan has formed a relationship with, lives a shaman who offers his consulting services to various high-level professionals in Japan. Our guest had the rare opportunity to stay with this shaman for a few days – gaining some insight into spiritualism in Japan, while forming real relationships with real people.

Communing with the Yamabushi

In the mountains of Dewa Sanzan live the yamabushi – mysterious mountain mystics who were thought to have magical powers. Our guest spent 6 days training with these ascetics, completely shut off from technology and the fast-paced city lifestyle, as she meditated, hiked and simply spent time taking in what nature had to offer her.

A retreat from it all. 

This guest was specifically interested in experiencing nature and spiritualism in Japan. These are some the aspects we included to extend and tailor one of our standard Toki trips for her.